Beach erosion inspection August 2018

From: Matthew McNeil <>
Date: 3 August 2018 at 13:32
Subject: Snells Beach inspection
To: “” <>, Michael Feather <>

Hi Maurie,
Thanks for meeting Mike and myself onsite at Snells Beach.

As evident onsite, sand levels on the upper beach immediately north of the Snells Beach Road boat ramp are currently low. Storm events this year that have coincided with large tides may have exacerbated this situation. This has exposed more of the reserve edge embankment, and roots of the pohutukawa trees.

Sand lost from the upper beach will have been moved offshore, but is expected to have remained within the wider Snells Beach embayment. The lowered state of the upper beach is expected on occasion, and within the dynamic envelope of natural fluctuation.

Given the wide flat intertidal area, and presence of the seagrass, it can take some time for the sand to be transported back to the upper beach in this environment.

With a significantly large reserve buffer, there is no infrastructure immediately at risk from erosion, and construction of an engineered seawall that would occupy beach space is not considered justified. The pohutukawa trees on the reserve edge appear to be in healthy condition.

Sand levels will be visually monitored, and over time it is anticipated that sand will be transported back to the upper beach by natural processes. A low berm feature was evident on the beach, as identified below. This is a sign of sand moving onshore.

Happy to keep in touch about this, and appreciate any on the ground observations you have going forward.
Matt: Matthew McNeil | Senior Coastal Specialist, Coastal and Geotechnical Services, Engineering & Technical Services, Infrastructure & Environmental Services, Auckland Council.




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