September 2018:

The Information Display unveiled at Highfield Reserve, by Beth Houlbrooke, representing our Local Board, and Jenny Van der Mespel, from the Robert’s family ticked another project off the park’s list. Future visitors to the Reserve can read about the original and generous land donation and the ongoing volunteer work that has achieved such a unique Reserve for
our Community and into the future. Donkey Inc Chairman, Mr Peter Couling, welcomed and
thanked the assembled group for their interest and attendance in particular, Mr Peter Caccia-Birch, for organising the event and the work involved with our Local Board.

The Donkeys at Highfield Reserve

The donkeys are living at the Highfield Reserve, along the Mahurangi East Road, just at the Snells Beach / Algies Bay boundary. Take the opportunity yourself or with your children and grandchildren to go and take a look, both at the view, the reserve and the donkeys themselves.

Highfield Donkeys Incorporated Society
The Society looks after the donkeys and their environment. The generosity of members through donations, materials and time have established a partnership for management of the donkeys along with the Advisory Committee at Highfield and Auckland Council. A Memorandum of Understanding is in place with Auckland Council. Work goes on to enhance the area occupied by the donkeys and ensure their security and well being. The donkeys are Truffle, Tansy, Toby, Tina, Tara, Turvey and Topsy.

Peter Caccia-Birch. Chair, Highfield Garden Reserve Advisory Committee and Donkey Manager.
On duty at the Donkey Shed 0800 to 0900,
or contact 09 425 6640; 021 168 9698
Further information and membership enquiries : Lesley Cornwell Ph:425-4050
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