Snells Beach Ratepayers and Residents Association Inc.Proposed Road Surveillance Camera to assist in crime solving, prevention and deterrence

Snells Beach Ratepayers and Residents Association Inc.

Proposed Road Surveillance Camera to assist in crime solving, prevention and deterrence

Background; at a general meeting of the SBRRA, following the AGM on the 7th May 2018, Police Sergeant Mark Stallworthy, Sergeant in charge of the Warkworth Police station and area, urged the community to consider installing a road surveillance camera which would enable the Police to quickly identify vehicles and their movements when a crime has been committed. Snells Beach and the other communities of Algies Bay, Martins Bay and Scotts Landing all only having access via a single stretch of Mahurangi East Road This means, not only is all vehicular traffic in and out of the area easily watched from a single surveillance point, assisting crime resolution, but its location (being unable to circumnavigate) is also a great deterrent to people considering committing crime. The camera has been proposed to the community previously and accepted as a great idea but never pursued.

The Committee of the SBRRA met and decided this was a project which should now, if possible, be pursued to fruition. To that end, Mark Dinniss has been appointed by a committee resolution, to manage this project with full backing of SBRRA. This includes achieving necessary pole owner permission, fundraising and installation.

The Project; discussion was held with some surrounding Ratepayers Associations, one who had installed surveillance and one who had canvassed the concept but failed to complete.

In consultation with Insite Security, Warkworth (Chris Martin, General Manager) and Auckland Transport, it was decided the best option is to install a dedicated pole close to the entrance of Arabella Lane on which a surveillance dual camera and transmitter could be mounted. This equipment would transmit the data to a receiver to be located at Brick Bay Winery, which in turn can be accessed, via internet, by the Police and Insite Security, as and when required, including live feed. Richard Didsbury, owner of Brick Bay winery is fully supportive and has agreed to the installation of the necessary equipment at the winery.

Insite Security has produced a proposal showing proposed equipment to be used and costings to supply and install.

The total cost of the project is;

Electrix   Pole and power supply, installed                 $3847 inc gst

Cameras and transmission Equipment installed       $7203 inc gst

Total completed cost                                                 $11050 inc gst

Ongoing; It should be noted that power connection is to be supplied by AT street lighting, equipment monitoring and maintenance by Insite Security and broadband connection by Brick Bay Wines. All at no cost. For that we are very grateful. We will investigate any need for insurance against vandalism or motor accident although the latter is unlikely as the site is in the shadow of a large concrete pole.

Contact;To discuss further; please contact Mark Dinniss, 0274344674 or email

Mark Dinniss

Chairman, Snells Beach Ratepayers and Residents Assoc

Surveillance Camera, Project Manager